I’m still hanging in there with David the Personal Trainer, also known now as The Evil One.  Brad worked out with him on Saturday and could barely walk the next day, so I felt a tad vindicated as I slowly lowered myself onto the heating pad to watch “Project Runway” on DVR.  Brad is in pretty good shape for a 41-year-old guy and The Evil One still kicked him in the arse. So there.  

In the meantime, I’m working on “eating right” and “portion control.”  Ugh.  It’s all so time consuming – I mean, really.  And it made me realize that I can tell the people who have never had a problem with their weigh or with portion control.  I can pick them out of line-up based on a variety of factors (beyond them being stick skinny, of course).  One sure-fire sign that someone has never had a weight problem?” They use the word “fat” indiscriminately.  As in “Ugh, I feel fat today.” (Which non-skinny people can’t say as they feel it every day).  Or “Did you see Sandy? Man, has she gotten fat.”  (Which non-skinny people can’t say for fear of that look of “pot meet kettle.”)  Or “I can’t eat that, I’ll get fat.”  Which is worst of all.  Because clearly we already did so we already are.

Most “sturdy” people don’t use the word fat. And they don’t allow their children to use the word fat either.  We use words like “husky,” “thick,” “big-boned,” “a troublesome stocky phase,” and, of course, “sturdy.”  FAT is as reprehensible as any curse word.  And if you’ve never been on the receiving end of such a word, you don’t know the damage it can wreak.  It’s a sharp, cutting word.  It’s a word that shuts down a conversation and, on occasion, a person. Which is why when I’ve heard many a skinny girlfriend say to their kid “don’t eat that, you’ll get FAT” it makes me shudder…and on occasion, shut down

Of course, FAT can be a word that fits the bill for sure.  And someone might tell me that I’m simply in denial and if I could warm up to the word, I might have a better time battling it.  But I prefer a softer, sweeter approach as the hard cold truth of that word cuts deep in many a sturdy girl.  I mean, just because it’s true doesn’t mean it’s right.