April 12th — I have a GE update and wanted you to know right away. No, I do not have a shiny new fridge sitting in my kitchen.  NOTE:  If you’re confused by why I care about GE in the least, please refer to my GE letter to Jeffrey Immelt.  


According to today’s Wall Street Journal, GE’s profits fell nearly 6% below expectations, due to many business factors, including a weakness in their consumer product line (i.e. – their line of GE Monogram refrigerators that SUCK).  You’re not gonna believe this, but apparently GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt apologized to shareholders.  I know, I’m shocked, too.


I mean, did I hear boo from Mr. Immelt after GE ruined not one FAMILY HOLIDAY GATHERING, but two FAMILY HOLIDAY GATHERINGS due to a faulty fridge and inanely incompetent customer service reps?  Well, we all know the answer to that.  Did Mr. Immelt feel the need to give me (a GE stockholder, too, I might add) a ring to fess up that it was a little much that I talked to nearly 16 customer service representatives and never got my issue “resolved.”  Nah.  Did dear Mr. Immelt ever wonder if he should change the toll-free consumer number from 1-800-GE-CARES to 1-800-Y-BOTHER? Nope.  Perhaps if GE had tended to it’s knitting and sent me either a NEW refrigerator or a competent repair technician in a timely manner, Mr. Immelt wouldn’t be kissing investor booty and wondering if his golden parachute will be jacked anytime soon.  Stay tuned…I’m sure the plot will thicken.