April 12th — We just spent a week in Florida and it was GLORIOUS!  That’s a word my mother uses and we like to nudge her a bit about it.  How was your weekend? “It was GLORIOUS!”  How was the weather? “It was GLORIOUS!”  How was that new restaurant?  “The food was GLORIOUS!” I have to admit, that despite everything that went wrong with weekend, it was a glorious vacay.  The thing is we flew Skybus to Florida.  Cuz Brad and I are so freakin’ brilliant and on the ball and we grabbed these ridiculously cheap tix from Greensboro (yes, I know we don’t live in Greensboro, but being so freakin’ brilliant and on the ball, we didn’t care) and arriving in Fort Lauderdale (yes, I know my parents don’t live in Fort Lauderdale, but being to so freakin’ brilliant and on the ball, Brad and I didn’t care).  We’re even high-fivin’ as we board an ORANGE plane manned (or should I say fe-manned) by cute young flight attendants in black t-shirts with pithy airline sayings who later sell us bottled water for $6.  Still, I’m undeterred, basking in our brilliance…   


A mere 48 hours later Skybus is kaput, out of business, ceasing operations…no more rides on bright orange planes.  And we’re stuck in Florida with my parents who, while quite welcoming to us for 10 days, do need us to leave after those 10 days.  And all of a sudden I don’t feel so freakin’ brilliant and on the ball.  In fact, I feel kinda stupid, because now we have to figure out how to get home.  Well, really, we have to figure out how to get to Greensboro, because that’s where our car is parked.  And we have to get home with obscene amounts of luggage that includes golf clubs, tennis rackets, a whole bag of shoes and some new circes I picked up here and there because the shopping is so GLORIOUS! 


We found an affordable flight on Delta and booked it post-haste.  We did not feel brilliant and on the ball, only extremely fortunate.  So twe got up at 4:30 a.m. to leave for the airport at 5 a.m. to make our 7:20 a.m. flight to Orlando (which is only a 30 minute flight).  We then  had a four-hour layover until we caught our 12:20 flight into Greensboro where we will load up our car with eight pieces of luggage and head home to Charlotte.  GLORIOUS!