March 21st – I am proud to announce I am still working out with The Evil One.  It’s hard to avoid someone whom you pay to come to your house, bang on your door and yell, “I know you’re in there.  The sooner you come out, the sooner we can get this over with.”  And remarkably he is still doing this every Tuesday and Thursday.


And so it goes.  Push ups, the weight ball and ….lunges.  We do lunges at the beginning (to stretch) and lunges at the end (with weights) and lunges in the middle (to make me weep).  Lots and lots of lunges.  I don’t really complain as lunges are so much better than running sprints (which he has made me do on days when he’s really, really mad at me).  But I did finally ask, “why all the lunges? Surely you have more in your repertoire, big guy.”  Well, after I ran some wind sprints of contrition, I discovered lunges are like the egg – practically perfect.  Depending on how you twist or weight a lunge, you can work on your core, your abs, your legs, and of course, your arse (the most important of all lunging parts).  In fact, as I’m typing this I am doing some lunges…ha, you know me too well.