March 23rd — For Lent, we gave up eating out.   This incredible gesture of sacrifice was my idea as Brad is constantly commenting on how much money we spend on dining “outside the home.”  Now we qualified our Lenten gesture as the entire family eating out.  Brad and I heading to our favorite Mexican spot with two other couples doesn’t count, of course.  But those quickie trips to Jason’s Deli, Mama Fus, Wolfman Pizza….poof, gone for 40 days and 40 nights.  I was mildly curious as to whether we could do it. 


In retrospect, I don’t know that I was thinking as this “family” commitment was really just one gi-normous sacrifice for me as I was the one who had to figure out what to feed my offspring on nights when I was so tired that I wanted to stick a peeled banana in a jar of peanut butter and call it a day (I’ve never done that, by the way.)


There’s nothing like making a Lent commitment and then have your six and eight-year-olds enforce said commitment when the adults are feeling weak and hungry for a little take-out Chinese.  As in “We can’t break Lent – what would God think?”  Ouch.  We hung in there but we did work the system a bit.  When my brother’s family came to dinner and brought take-out, it didn’t count as they were footing the bill and bringing it as a “gift” to us.  And finally, we conned the kids into thinking that Lent officially ended Saturday at 5 p.m. before Easter Sunday.  And to celebrate, we sprinted to our favorite new Italian place.