April 29th – I am winding up my online screenwriting course.  The group has whittled down a bit…perhaps life, jobs, family and having to actually study, read, watch movies and do work  was a deterrent for many of the students who thought the screenwriting course “sounded cool” since they always loved “Red Dawn.” 


Not for me…I managed to complete each and every assignment.  Never, ever, ever on time, of course, but I did complete them.  So it was interesting when I received a class announcement from the professor that all writing assignments had been graded and returned. Mmmm…not mine.  So I emailed the prof (and panicked), called the prof (and panicked), emailed the prof again (and panicked) and finally called the main office to get in panicked touch with him.  The student who answered the phone (who was clearly on a work-study program and couldn’t be less bothered) suggested that the prof didn’t check in at the office much and perhaps I should swing my and post a note on his door. 


“Well, that would be a bit of challenge, you  see. I don’t live in Chapel Hill.  I live in Charlotte.”


“Wow, why would you do that?” asked work-study student/receptionist extraordinaire.


“Well, I ask myself that a lot.  But since my house, family, husband, kids, job and LIFE are all I Charlotte, I figured it was a good thing to stick around here, you know? Is there any other way to get in touch with Prof?”


“Hmmmm, not really. Good luck!” Click. 


I am still in a panic, wondering if carving out time to watch “Terms of Endearment,” “Chinatown,” “The Killing”  and a Lifetime made-for-television movie was all for naught.  Stay tuned.