April 29th — Today was a banner day.  My face and sex life was plastered all over my local newspaper.   Of course, this is good news.   Once you write a book, one’s goal should be to sell the book.  And publicity about the book is a good thing.  But it was still nerve wracking.  What if the article is a bust?  What if the picture makes me look, well, sturdy?  What if no one…gasps…notices that an article was written about the book I just wrote?  Well, obviously someone read the article because I received my first nasty email.  I was equal parts horrified and intrigued.  Someone was upset enough to send me an email telling me off.  From what I could deduce it was an old fogey who was offended by the front-page placement of my article, the idea I would EVER talk about sex with my husband, how incredibly inappropriate the topic is and how she won’t spend a wooden nickel on such a book. I mean who ever uses the words “wooden nickel” anyway?  She was P-O’ed. 


Contrast this with the other old non-fogey person in my life, my 92-year old grandmother who, when shown the article today by my mom who was visiting her in the nursing home, called me right away. 


“Charla?  Charla! I have a famous granddaughter and a famous brother. If that don’t beat all!  I’m proud of you, girl, and I will be till the day I die.”  (NOTE:  You might think that day is not far off, but I assure you it  is far, far off.  She’s wheeling over to Winston Salem tomorrow to bury her younger brother.)


“Thanks, Ma. That means a lot.  How are you doing?”


“I’m doing good. I’m doing good. You know, we all can’t stay the same.  Some of us have to get old.”


Well, never has a truth been better told.  We can’t all stay the same and some of us, indeed, have to get old. So I would tell the meanie of my first rather nasty email that we can’t all stay the same, to quote my 92-year-old grandmother.  Some of us have to mix it up, and sometimes that means doing the deed daily and writing a book about it. So lighten up.  It’s a funny book.