May 13th – I had a dream last night that I was skinny.  Normally, I don’t dream at night about being skinny…I dream about being skinny during the day while snacking on Dibs and watching “The View” (that’s only partially true, I’ll let you guess which part). 


My nighttime dreams are pretty typical – in them I have long, flowing hair or I’ve lost all my teeth or  someone is chasing me and I can’t open my mouth to scream.  Usual stuff.  My skinny dream was disconcerting because I was so casually skinny. I was floating through my dream as if being skinny was the most natural thing in the world for me. 


Because if I ever were to be skinny again (yes, I once was…if I remember right), I think I would be quite obnoxious and vocal about it.  I figure I would be running around yelling “Get a load of these thighs – are they a vision of beauty?”  or “Look, Ma, no back fat!”  Or perhaps, “No Spanx with these jeans, girlfriend, it’s all me, all the time.” 


Instead, I’m nonchalantly slender, gracefully moving through my dream in skinny jeans and a black top. Someone could have a field day with this dream…any takers?