May 8th – There is this strange phenomenon at my house – I find screws everywhere.  They seem to pop up in all sorts of places…in the window sill, on the kitchen counter, on the front porch, in the shower.  Obviously, this is a metaphor for my life and we could all have a good laugh at that.  But, I’m worried about the loose screws – the ones I find in my house, I mean.  Obviously they were once screwed in to something and I would reckon they had an important job to do.  I now have a little jar of loose screws sitting in my window sill.  Often, I’ll walk around the house late at night asking anyone that might listen… “I wonder where this durn screw came from?”  Or “Does anyone have any idea where this screw might go?” Or “Has someone seen a sagging cabinet or a leaning wall?  I think I have the screw to fix it.”   I am convinced that some repairman will come to fix something (who knows what) in my house and he’ll be hunting around for some loose screw…and I’ll have it.