May 4th – My mom just left and my home is better for it.  Let’s see what she did for me and for my family…and for all mankind, for that matter.


She washed and ironed four loads of clothes.  Since I pull random clothes from the laundry pile on the floor and simply iron on demand, it was nice to rediscover my bedroom floor and nice to use those things called drawers that are stationed in each of my children’s rooms.  She “darned” a few things and matched up at least a dozen homeless socks.  


She taught me how to clean my oven.  Now I know the GE repairman walked me through the process, but I’ve been afraid to go it alone and I admit it.  The first thing I learned is the phrase “my self-cleaning oven” is a misnomer.  Instead, it’s really “myself cleaning oven” as it’s a bit of work to get your oven READY to clean itself.  Kind of like cleaning your house before your house cleaner comes.  McGyver showed me how to scrub down the oven, sweep out all the carcinogenic dust and scraps and “prep” the oven for cleaning.  Then lock and load for five hours of 500 degree temperatures. Then she stayed up all night monitoring the oven as she was afraid it might blow up…it is a GE, after all.


She babysat my kids.  She babysat by brother’s kids.  She unloaded the dishwasher about a dozen times and swept my kitchen floor at least as many times (you know I’m bad about that).  She went shopping with me (three times) and told me with a barely perceptible nod of her head whether or not an outfit “worked on me.”   If that’s not love, friends, I don’t know what is.