July 28th — A statement that will never be uttered from the mouths of my children.  I am amazed at how much parents (including me) knock ourselves out to create some great family memories over the summer when my kids would really rather lay out on the couch and watch television. 


My kids officially announced they were sick of the beach approximately four days into our 14-day vacay at the beach.  My kids officially announced they were sick of the pool approximately four weeks into a ten-week summer break.  Funny, they NEVER announce that they’re sick of watching television or gunning for my laptop to play Webkinz.  Perhaps instead of hyper-monitoring their television and screen time, I should announce “we’re doing to watch television ALL day EVERY DAY this week!  And NEXT week we’re doing to play on the computer ALL day EVERY DAY!”  I will open up the door and yell to my kids “Get in here this instant and watch television…you’ve been outside all day getting fresh air and exercise.  It’s time to come inside and ferment on the sofa for hours and I MEAN IT!”


Perhaps it would make the pool seem like the incredible and lovely privilege that it is.  Perhaps they would be begging me NOT to make them sit in the den with the drapes pulled watching “Tom & Jerry” reruns over and over and over again.  Perhaps when they grovelled for some pool time I would tell them “well, only for 30 minutes because all that time flailing in the water will turn your brain to mush.  You need to get home and be stationery lest you get sick or something.”