My brother is a banker. Well, that’s not exactly true. He works at a bank, but he’s not really a banker, per se.  He’s really a sports marketing guy who dresses up every day in a suit and tie and pretends to be a banker.  He likes his job – it allows for cool travel, interesting people and some impossible-to-get tickets to some way sick sporting events.  But what he really does is play the drums.  He’s played since he was a kid and my mom tried to “soundproof” our downstairs den so he wouldn’t bother the neighbors (or my dad).  Recently, my sister-in-law tried to soundproof their basement so my brother could play and wouldn’t bother the neighbors (or the baby).  Neither effort was successful, but my brother has worked out a drumming schedule around naptime.  Since I absolutely adore my baby brother, I wanted to pass along some exciting news about his band (along with a note from him).   The Balsa Gliders rock and have been exceptionally supportive of 365 Nights, even giving me the shout-out at a recent and gi-normous outdoor music festival in Raleigh, which was very, very thoughtful and all those drunk people dancing with their eyes closed would agree.


I got a drumset in the 8th grade. And now two decades, a wife, three kids, and a mortgage later, I have apparently found myself as the drummer in a band. Over the years, The Balsa Gliders has consisted of three lawyers, a Mongolian miner, a librarian, a doctor, a PhD, a judge and a priest…and now a banker.

Below is the link to our new album on iTunes (“Danceable in Victor”). It runs the gamut of styles (indie-pop,, rock) and influences (REM, Wilco, Replacements, among others) so there should be something for everyone. Give it a listen and, if it suits you, maybe buy some tracks (or the whole thing…it makes a great X-mas gift). For the unsure, start out with “University of California at Santa Barbara” or “Woman I’ll Find a Way.”

Feel free to pass this along (we’re going viral).


Thanks for your time.


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Danceable In Victor
Balsa Gliders 2008 Deep South Digital / Balsa Gliders

Genre: Rock