As many of you know, I’m a Republican.  If you didn’t know this about me, may I refer you to an article in the New York Times Sunday “Style” section that referred to me as a Bible-reading, steak-eating Republican. 


Them’s a lot of adjective and all of them are true.


This year, I was a reluctant Republican, I might add. I very much espouse the platform of the Republican party but I’ve been a bit disappointed by my own this election season.  If you are horrified by my Republicanism, please know that I have a few close friends who are liberal Democrats and they still love me.  So there.  One is my friend, Missy.  She is a wonderful friend for many, many reasons including her passionate commitment to victims of domestic violence.   Her career as a parole officer (yes, she was licensed to carry a gun and she knew how to use it) morphed into a victim’s advocate for the state of North Carolina.  The things Missy’s knows would curdle your milk, friends.  Anyway, equally impressive to her passionate support of victims of domestic violence is her support of two things that couldn’t be more diff – Obama and moi. 


I know! I find that hysterical, too.  But all I can say is that Obama and I are two very, very lucky people.  Obama and I have reaped the rewards of Missy’s tireless commitment, unceasing adoration and kind and constant words of support. 


So it is with pride that I post this picture of my oldest and dearest friend, Missy, with the POTUS.  That’s Miss on the right. I’m sure you recognize the POTUS.  NOTE:  I am working on how to import this photo…I promise.