January 5th — In light of our teeny, tiny, teensy weensy appearance on Oprah, a lot of folks have asked me about some of the interview highlights over the course of 365 Nights.  Here’s a rundown:

New York Times, Sunday “Style” Section, June 8th
Notes of interest: I am called a steak-eating, Bible-reading Republican in this article – clearly a slur in NYC, but possibly not so much in other parts of America. I like my filet medium-rare, thank you.

The View,” ABC, July 7th
Notes of interest: I sat next to Whoopi in the make-up chair – craz-eee! Elizabeth Hasselback still looks gorgeous with giant Velcro rollers stuck in her head.

The Today Show,” NBC, June 26th
Notes of interest: Matt Lauer is every bit as handsome in person, but surprisingly dainty. I could take him, I think.

People Magazine, June 27th
Notes of interest: It’s the issue with poor Heather Locklear and the news of her “breakdown” on the cover.

CNN, “The TJ Holmes Show” July 9th
Notes of interest: There is a reason TJ is single.

The Independent, London, June 14th
Notes of interest: One of the few reporters who took time to read the book and realize that, gasp, this isn’t a book about S-E-X, it’s a book about marriage. Kudos to Jenny Johnson for “getting it” and getting it right. Check it out at: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/marriage-and-sex-a-year-of-living-passionately-846939.html

Myrtle Beach Post, “Birthday Promise Sets Bad Example, June 1st
Notes of interest: This is by Celia Rivenbark, a columnist and author and its SOOO durn funny! You should read it…NOW! http://www.myrtlebeachonline.com/news/columnists/celia_rivenbark/story/470310.html

WCCB-TV (Charlotte), “Fox News – The Edge,” April 29th
Notes of Interest: My first television appearance EVER for 365 Nights. Interviewed by gorgeous, married female anchor and her single sidekick named “Brutha Fred.” Need I say more than that I predict Brutha Fred will remain single fur-ev-ah?

Charlotte Observer, April 29th
Notes of Interest: Pam Kelley, book editor extraordinaire, did this interview and it was clearly the launching pad for national media coverage (thanks, Pam) and mean and nasty letters to the editor (bummer, Pam).

WFAE Radio (NPR), “The Mike Collins Show,” June 24th
Notes of Interest: A great interview on the “The Mike Collins Show.” Interestingly, Mike Collins decided to take a vacation day that day – possibly to avoid the interview with “that crazy lady who did that crazy thing,” but we’ll never really know, will we? In a stroke of serendipity, I was interviewed by the classy Chris Clackum who not only was incredibly prepared but also a delightful host.

WHJJ Radio, “Reading with Robin,” July 19th
Notes of Interest: Robin is the friend you’d want to have if you lived in Rhode Island. She’s smart, she’s funny and she loves to read. She and her co-host, Jamie (a guy), both HAD READ THE BOOK! Which made this a delightfully pleasant interview.