January 3, 2009 – Brad bought four tix to the Greatest Show on Earth. Which is a euphemism for the Greatest Rip-Off in the History of Mankind.  And I can’t believe he got four tickets as he knows how I feel about circuses.  Which is obvious: I hate them. Except for Cirque de Soleil which at one time was a freakishly awesome spectacle that has been so overfranschised that I’m now waiting for Cirque su Soleil: Dirt (you know, to follow O, air and all things useful). Anyway, I don’t like the circus.  Never have and strongly believe I never will. And no, it’s not because I’m an animal lover. It’s not that noble.  I just don’t find them that interesting.  And it’s a hassle to get there.  And a soda and popcorn costs as much as a tank of gas. And it smells.  And it’s hard to get good seats (and I am ALL ABOUT access).  And it seems kinda sad and weird (which is unusual, because I’m usually first in line for sad and weird).  The only thing I think I might like about the circus is the people watching.  Because the circus brings out all kinds of freaks who aren’t even getting paid to be freaks.   But I could do that at the Greyhound station…for free.  My kids have been several times and I’ve managed not to go.  Brad has taken them, they’ve gone with their Indian Princess or Indian Guide tribe (no moms, you know) and so on.  Now it seems, I’ll be going this February.  I’ll let you know now it goes.  I guess Mama will have start to saving her coin for some popcorn, cotton candy and some crappy souvenir guaranteed to break within eight hours of receipt.


P.S. – I will tell you that I loved “Like Water for Elephants” by Sara Gruen, which is about the circus.  And I read this other weirdly disturbing book about this circus and this genetically altered circus family who started a cult and had people shedding limbs to join the cult. I can’t for the life of me remember who wrote it or the name of it, but it was strangely good and repulsive at the same time. I recommend it to those with a strong stomach. I gave it my friend, David, as a gift and he never cracked the spine.  Wimp.