The 365 Nights Bible Study is now available!

Charla has just completed a Bible Study discussion guide with her longtime friend, Rev. David Woody. It is a short study for couples that includes a discussion guide that explores a couple’s readiness (spiritually and emotionally) for a renewed commitment to marital intimacy. In the meantime, she does speak to Bible Study groups about the book and her experience. Email her at for more details. Click here to download 365 Nights: A Bible Study Guide for Christian Couples .

My Book Club is Discussing the 365 Nights!

As a long-standing member of her own Book Club (15 years and counting), Charla appreciates a good book read and discussed.

Since the launch of 365 Nights, Charla has been invited to many book club discussions and groups and she loves it! Depending on your location, she can arrive up and close and in person or you can conference her in via phone. Either way, you’re in for a treat.

So email Charla at to discuss dates and logistics and get ready for a funny, insightful and rich discussion about marriage and intimacy.

Can I get books for my Book Club to read?

Sure! You can get them at your local bookstore, of course. Or at Or pretty much wherever books are sold. If you’d like autographed books, please contact Charla’s hometown bookstore, Park Road Books. Remember, she and Betsy have really nice penmanship.

Is there a Book Club Discussion Guide for 365 Nights?

Yes! 365 Nights generates a great discussion, so we took some of the most frequently asked questions and topics and folded them into a book club discussion guide.   Here it is — 365 Nights book club discussion guide

My Book Club read your book – what now?

Did you have a 365 Nights book club discussion? We’d love to know! Please consider sharing some highlights, especially any questions or comments that were especially enlightening for your group. Email and we can share on this website.